Virginia Alcoholics Anonymous District 16 
Serving Alcoholics Anonymous in South Central Virginia

Public Informaton (PI)/Cooperation with the Professional Community(CPC)​

The Public Information Committee (PI) handles contacts for information about Alcoholics Anonymous that might come in through phone watch or the website from members of the public seeking information about AA.
The PI Committee can provide workshops within the District on carrying the message in public forums. 
PI provides updated District 16 Meeting Directories on a quarterly basis, and forwards group and District flyers and announcements to the other groups upon request.

Further guidelines for Public Information and Cooperation with the Professional Community may be found on

   The Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee (CPC) provides information about A.A. to non-AA individuals and groups who have contact with alcoholics in a professional capacity. This includes the medical, therapeutic, law enforcement and legal communities and the clergy. 
Information is provided about "where we are, what we are, what we do and what we do not do".
We distribute updated meeting directories, at present, to 46 professional offices and institutions on a quarterly basis.
Any AA member who would like directories provided to your doctor or other professional, send us their office email address.